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Live Action Super Mario Brothers


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Shape the New Monopoly Board

Hasbro is releasing a new version of Monopoly named the “Here & Now” edition. Which cities will have landmarks and the value of the landmarks will be decided by internet voting taking place from 4/24-5/12. Go to to vote for your city. You can vote once a day for as many cities as you like, however the city receiving the most votes will be honored with the most-valuable blue property color.

MANY thanks go out to the lovely SLK for the submission!!

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From the “People will buy ANYTHING” Files #3

Flat-D Innovations wants to prevent you from blaming that flatulent smell on the dog. They have a product that is essentially a dog thong.

Dogone Thong product desciption:

The Dogone – Dog Gas Neutralizing Pad is a comfortable and least intrusive means for deodorizing gassy discharges in a thong design. This will eliminate pet odors and dog odors from flatus or flatulence.

Uses our famous activated charcoal cloth (washable and reusable)! A starter hole is placed in the cloth in order to help you locate the suggested tail hole. Carefully measure tail and cut-out hole to proper size. Elastic straps are used for flexibility. Suspender clips are used to make the garment totally adjustable. They also provide quick release for allowing the dog out to do his business.
Patent Pending

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Our President Sounds Like An Idiot

George Bush is asked a VERY intelligent question, and he isn’t smart enough to come up with an answer. Big surprise!

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6-pack in 3 Months

Erik Kastner has challenged himself to get an abdominal six-pack by July 4, 2006. He started on March 30, 2006 and has been trying to do the following to complete his goal:

* Eating well – 5 meals a day, lots of lean protein.

* Slow, low cardio – 45 minutes @ 65-75% MHR

* Lifting weights starting next week.

With 11 weeks remaining and over $1,000 raised for his quest, I wish him good luck…and I wish I had the drive to accomplish that goal.

Here is a before picture of Erik (taken 3/19/2006):

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