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Have the ability to tell a SAD story

Do you have an undramatic life? By Accident can help! The website it is a parody…but the concept is interesting. They offer to help you plan an accident that can make you look like a hero or make others pity you.

Here is Jerry’s Story taken from the By Accident Case Studies:

Jerry was personally not looking forward to Christmas. No matter how hard he tried his wife was not satisfied with the presents he bought, and he knew her side of the family had never respected him. Jerry used to dress up as Santa Claus even though the kids were too old to find him funny anymore and he just made a fool out of himself. All Jerry wanted was to feel surrounded by love and embraced by a warm and caring family.

Our special ‘Christmas Mugging’ made Jerry’s dreams come true.

After a long day of intense Christmas-shopping Jerry ended up in the emergency room. As he was walking back to his car, he saw a woman who was being attacked in a dark ally. Without even considering the consequences he ran up and tried to defend the lady!
Before Jerry was knocked out and went unconscious he fought bravely and the woman escaped. When he woke up in the hospital he realized all his money and credit cards had been stolen.

Jerry wanted to have a broken arm and a few wounds. He also learned to have a fear of crowds after the traumatic experience as mental a reaction.

When Jerry returned he was not only a victim but a hero! Everybody wanted to hear his dramatic story and it was like his mother-in-law listened to him for the first time. All the kids gathered around him and made little drawings on his bandage. Of cause Jerry’s wife was very proud of him too, especially on Christmas Day when he received a basket from the woman he had saved.
Actually Jerry was so thankful he sent a Christmas card to us:

By-accident made my Christmas wonderful! Now I know how it feels to have a real loving family. Because of my broken arm I even avoided all the cooking and shopping.”

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  1. OK, that is a whole new level of pathetic!

    Comment by Pat Angello | December 2, 2005 | Reply

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