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This is What Happens When You Stay Up Late to Watch Scary Movies

2 Boys stay up late to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre…..and this is video shows how their parents wake them up the next morning.

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15 Reasons to Date a Geek or Nerd

Found this on craigslist:

In the wide world of dating, there are many options. Do you go for the flashy guy with the smooth smile, or the dude in the corner typing away on his laptop? The following are reasons why I think my fellow females should pay more attention to the quiet geeks and nerds, and less attention to the flashy boys.

1.) While geeks and nerds may be awkward, they’re well-meaning 9 out of 10 times. That smooth dude with the sly grin and the spider hands? Wonder what HIS intentions are… plus, I’ve never had a geek guy not call me when he said he would. Score major points THERE.

2.) They’re useful. In this tech-savvy world, it’s great to have a b/f who can make your laptop, desktop, and just about anything else that plugs into a wall behave itself.

3.) They’re more romantic than they’re given credit for. Ok true, their idea of romance might be to make up a spiffy web-page with all the reasons why they love you, with links to pics of you and sonnets and such… but hey. It lasts longer than flowers, plus you can show your friends.

4.) Due to their neglected status, there are plenty to choose from. You like ‘em tall and slender? There are plenty of geeks/nerds who are. You like ‘em smaller with more meat on their bones? Got that too.

5.) They’ve got brains. Come on now, how can intelligence be a bad thing?

6.) Most are quite good at remembering dates. Like birthdates and such, especially if they know it’ll make you happy. Due again to their neglected status, they’re more attentive than guys who “have more options”. Plus, with all that down time without a steady girlfriend, they’ll likely have mental lists of all the things they’d love to do once they GOT a girlfriend.

7.) Sex. Yep. Sex. I’m not really familiar with this myself, but I’ve friends who’ve been intimate with geek guys and it’s raves all around. They say a virgin wrote the Kama Sutra… all that time thinking about sex, imagining sex, dreaming about sex, (they are male after all) coupled with a desire to make you happy? Use your imagination.

8.) They’re relatively low-maintenance. Most can be fueled on pizza, Twinkies and Mt Dew. No complicated dinners needed here, so if you’re not the best cook, eh. Can you order a pizza?

9.) Most frequent bars as often as slugs frequent salt mines. You won’t have to worry much about your geek guy getting his “groove” on with club hotties because, frankly, he’ll be too busy rooting around under his computer wondering where that spare cable went. You won’t have to worry about him flirting with other women because, 9 out of 10 times, he’ll zip right by them in a perfect b-line towards the nearest electronics store. I’ve seen this happen.
Me: “Eww. Victoria Secret’s Models… They’re so skinny. How is that feminine? You can see her ribs!”
Geek Guy: “ooooooo…”
Me: “Hey!” *notices he is staring lustfully towards the computer store*
Geek Guy: “What?”
Me: “Never mind…”

10.) Although he may not want to go to every outing with you, you can arrange swaps, as in, you’ll go to his Gamer Con dressed as an elf princess if he’ll take you to the ballet. Plus, if he doesn’t want to go someplace with you, you won’t have to worry much about what he’s up to. You’ll probably come home to find him asleep on his keyboard in a sea of Mt. Dew cans with code blinking from the screen. It’s ok. He’s used to this. Just toss a blanket over him and turn out the light.

11.) His friends aren’t jerks. I can’t stress this enough. You’ll more likely get “Omg! A GIRL!! Can I see?!” than “Hey hot stuff back that ass up here and let me get some grub on…” They’re awkward geeks too and will, 9 times out of 10, treat you with the utmost respect and, more than likely, a note of awe. A cute girl picked one of their clan to date? It could happen to them! Hope! Drag some of your single girlfriends over, open up a pack of Mt. Dew, crack open the DnD set and get working. Nothing impresses geek guys more than a girl who can hack-n-slash (well ok maybe if she can code… a geek can dream).

12.) They’re rarely if ever possessive. They trust you, so you can be yourself around them. You like to walk around the house in a ratty t-shirt for comfort? He won’t care. He does too! They won’t get pissy if you don’t wear make-up or don’t want to bother primping your hair. If you gain a few pounds, they won’t try their best to make you feel like crap.

13.) They’re usually very well educated. Physics majors and the like. See #5. You won’t have to listen to him blathering on about his car (ok maybe a little), he’ll have loads of other interesting things to talk about. Politics, world events, how much the chicken burgers down at the local place rock, so long as you douse them in hot sauce…

14.) You’ll almost never have to hear, “Yaw dawg whazzap!!” plop out of their mouths. Unless it’s in jest. They spell properly, use correct punctuation, and are able to tell the difference between the toilet and the floor. They almost never get “wasted”, so you won’t have to worry about coming home to find him and his friends passed out on the floor amidst a pile of beer bottles. Mt. Dew cans, perhaps…

15.) And the final reason why geeks and nerds make great boyfriends: They actually give a damn about you. Not how you look (though that’s a plus), not how skinny you are, not how much make-up you primp yourself up with, but they like you for you. That kind of thing lasts longer than “DaMN baby you got a fine ass!!!” Believe me.

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Ambiguously Gay Duo Videos

Gorilla Mask has posted some clips of site owner Ryan’s favorite episodes of the SNL animated short The Ambigously Gay Duo.

Firefox users will need to open the video pages in IE. The embedded video doesn’t play in Firefox.

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Fast with your A, B, C’s?

For a quick and VERY addictive little online game try to see how fast you can type the alphabet in order. Finger Frenzy from the UK website Morpheme gets easier once you get the rhythm going.

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So that’s how he did it

VK Mag from Holland has posted a pdf on it’s website revealing the secrets behind some of David Blaine’s most popular tricks.

Some of these tricks were already given away on a Fox special a few years back….but now you can have them in a handy pdf format 🙂

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The IT Gigolo – Because No Girl Would Actually WANT to Pleasure Him

Yesterday I came across this article from the Men’s Magazine “Sync” on one of my RSS Feeds about a self proclaimed IT Gigolo.

This 34 year old pathetic excuse for a man posted an ad on Craigslist that read “WILL FIX COMPUTERS FOR SEXUAL FAVORS” and according to him…it actually worked!! He claims to have received at least a blowjob and and massage that had a happy ending.

If for ANY reason you would like to contact Mr. Ray Digerati email him at

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Not to be worn in crowded places

The blog Carve Your Heart Out has the strangest picture of a kid dress in a Suicide Bomber costume. What is with the smile??

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It all started with a red paperclip

Fellow blogger member Kyle MacDonald is blogging his bartaring experience. He started with a red paper clip that he traded for a pen, which he traded for a door handle, which was traded for a coleman stove, which he traded for a power generator. I wonder what he will trade for next??

It all started with this:

After only 4 trades he already has this:

Added after original post:
According to what I just read on BoingBoing Kyle wants to keep going until he gets a house.

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Heartattack on bread

A bloke from England decided to make an 8500 calorie sandwich and then eat it. While it did take him 2 days to eat it…he did finish the monstrous thing.
For a frame of reference a Big Mac with cheese from McDonalds has 704 calories.

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Watch Co-eds take thier medicine

Want to see the sickest Co-eds on the internet? Look no further than Co-eds with Colds a Goodie Bag TV production.

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