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Directly from the spokes of a bicycle has an interesting section of their website containing useless vintage baseball cards. Every week there is a new “worthless card” posted along with a paragraph of satirical informational paragraph about the player.

Here are some of my favorites from the archives:

In 1990, Greg Gross was placed on the 15 day DL after the extreme tightness in his baseball pants resulted in his left leg going without blood for over 4 hours.

Pete Ladd made a living during the 1987 offseason as the stunt double for Weird Al Yankovic in the movie UHF.


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Knit 2, Pearl 2

Since knitting is the new hip hobby to have, I thought this website was worth a mention. You Knit What? is a fellow blogger blog that posts hideous images of knitted items. The pictures posted on the site are all taken from magazines, yarn companies and people who sell their patterns online. The site is done by actual knitters that are just agitated that some people think anyone would want to waste their time this stuff.

The picture to the left was taken from You Knit What?

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Urban slang on a billboard in Iowa

I saw this billboard posted on Be A Design Group’s website. There are no words for my reaction to this piece of advertising crap.

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DON’T vote for pedro

With the infamous “Vote for Pedro” shirt so over commercialized that it is now showing up in Target stores, I thought this shirt with a different political view was humorous.

The shirt is available from Busted Tees for $17.99

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Scariest Halloween Masks

These are just awful!!! People will buy anything.

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Just end it already

Need to end a relationship, but you just can’t find the right words? can help you find them! All you need is your name and an email address, along with the same info on the person you would like to break-up with, and you just select a reason and parting words.

Some of the reasons are really off the wall, such as:
I just realized how ugly you are
The Funky Cold Medina wore off
You put that thing in my butt
You’re a horrible crime against nature
You licked my teeth

The parting words are great too! Just reading the site is a good way to kill a few minutes.

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Fake People, Not So Good Results

Awful Plastic Surgery is a nice site to view some wicked before and after pictures of celebrities and even some regular people that have taken surgery a little too far.

The post that really got me groaning was that of a Entertainment Tonight report of Steve Erhardt. Steve started in 1987 with a simple nose job done by the same doctor that services Michael Jackson (his first mistake, in my opinion!) and has since spent almost a quarter of a million dollars on changing his apperance….and look at him now.

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