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Are you in a Red State, a Yellow State, or a Blue State?

What generic term do you use to describe carbonated soft drinks? Do you say “soda”? Do you say “pop”? Do you say “Coke”? Or do you use a completely different term?

Go to and see what which term is favored by those around you and take the survey to give your input.

You can view the national statics by county:

Blue = Pop
Red = Coke
Yellow = Soda

BTW-The conclusion of the study is: ” People who say “Pop” are much, much cooler.”


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Need help identifying a particularly gross bug?

What is that bug is a website that helps people from around the world identify some rare and VERY SCARY looking insects. If you have found any interesting bugs in your area you can send them to the Bugman at Unfortunately, they do NOT offer extermination advice!!

Here are some of the more recent submissions:

House Centipede

Ferocious Water Bug

Painter Grasshopper

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