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How to use firefox, and LOVE it, as I do

I have long been a fan of mozilla’s firefox web browser, and with its recent popularity has come some great extensions to make it even better. I thought that i would take the time to share with the rest of the world what extensions and tweaks i use with firefox that cause me to love it as much as i do.

If you don’t already have firefox then you can get it here (don’t worry it is free!).

There is broadband tweak for firefox users on cable, dsl, or faster connections that will make it load pages quicker. This is for the more advanced user, but it is very easy to do if you follow the directions. There are complete step-by-step directions posted here on

The extension feature is what makes firefox so flexible. Extensions are .xpi files that add additional fuctionality to your browser. You can find all the available extensions here, but this is a listing of the extensions that i use:

Foxylicious – Integrate your bookmarks into firefox

Tabbrowser Preferences – More control over the tabbed browsing feature

Copy Links – Allows you to copy more than one URL to the clipboard

Dictionary Search – Get definitions for words on webpages

Forecast Fox – Receive weather updates on the bottom of your browser

StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon website you would never find otherwise

Googlebar – Google search bar for firefox

InfoRSS – Displays RSS feeds on the bottom of your browser

GreaseMonkey – Allows the use of users to customize websites

Platypus – Allows the editing of website, greasemonkey extension needed

Mozilla Calendar – Calendar based on the iCal standard

Download Manager Tweak – Improves upon the download manager in firefox

Customize Google – Improves googles results and gets rid of the ads, greasemonkey extension needed

Last Tab – Improves tab navigation

Book Burro – Compare prices on books, greasemonkey extension needed

Bug Me Not – Extension for

Pub Sub Sidebar – Sidebar for feeds from


If you don’t like the default appearance of firefox you can download a theme. All of the available themes are listed here, personally i use the PlastikFox Crystal SVG Theme.


As already stated greasemonkey is an extension that allows users to alter the look of websites. If you would like more information on the script and how it works click here. For a listing of ready-made greasemonkey scripts for popular websites visit:

I hope this information is enough to get you excited about firefox and to STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER!


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