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They have the internet on computers now

I have been a huge simpsons fan ever since the beginning of the show. I can’t quote every episode line for line…but i can do enough dialouge quoting to drive a certain tv watching companion crazy.

Whenever i find the need to look up anything simpsons related i look to The Simpsons Archive. The Archive offers information on upcoming episodes, complete episode guides, syndication schedules, couch gag listings, chalkboard gag listings, lisa sax solo information, a fine discussion list, character information, guest star information……whew….basically anything you could possibly need, or want, to know.

Of course Fox does have a flashy simpsons website too….but IMHO it just doesn’t compare to the Archive.

All The Muck That Is Fit To Rake:
Remember the episode where Homer is Mr. X and makes his own website. Fox recreated that website and you can find it here.


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